Rutgers Urban and Civic Informatics Lab

Rutgers Urban and Civic Informatics Lab

The Rutgers Urban and Civic Informatics (RUCI) Lab is devoted to research and engagement in data science for the common good. Our mission is to support socially-just, environmentally resilient, and healthy cities and regions, through technology, analytics and outreach.

Priority Areas

We build actionable algorithms and data applications by merging deep domain knowledge and data science expertise to help citizens, communities, and public, private and non-profit organizations.

We advocate for FAIR and responsible innovation in research and applications using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), statistical methods, Big Data, GIScience, and other areas of data science and related areas such as Urban Informatics, Public Policy Analytics, Smart Cities, Urban Mobility, Poverty Alleviation and Economic Development, and Healthcare Analytics.

Outreach and Interactons

We provide a forum for researchers with similar interests to come together to advance interdisciplinary research, critical thinking, and new insights in our priority areas.


Serve as a forum for informatics researchers within and outside Rutgers

Conduct research projects

Provide support for data services in our priority areas

Facilitate outreach and interactions with the community